A Shortcut Through 2016

2015 Shortcuts

A Shortcut Through 2015

Don Pardo

A Shortcut Through 2014

Nelson Mandela

A Shortcut Through 2013

Shortcut Through 2012

"A Shortcut Through 2012"

Steve Jobs
"A Shortcut Through 2011"

"A Shortcut Through the 20th Century"

Daily News: "a stunning stereo mix of music, news, movie dialogue, commercials and other sound sources...shortcuts is a theme-oriented program with no narration, a splice-of-life montage.... After the Three Mile Island catastrophe, Bochan produced "A Shortcut to Harrisburg" in which a Nuclear Regulatory Commission official repeatly assured the public that "everything was under control" while Elvis Costello sang "Accidents Will happen" in the background."
John Kalish, New York Daily News,December 1992
Shortcuts - Audio Specials
A Shortcut Back to Dallas- 50th Anniversary

 NewYorkMagazine/Best Bets: "Shortcuts"-Peter Bochan's devastating splice of life, an edited version of the Nixon Watergate speech, in which you hear him say what you wish you had."

October 1973

"A Shortcut Through 2007"

"A Shortcut Through 2006"

Shortcuts - Audio Specials
"A Shortcut Through The 70's"


"Shortcuts-40th Anniversary Special"- 1972-2012:
Highlights from forty years of Shortcuts, available now on  3 compact discs and downloads.

"A Finger on the Pulse of the Nation!"

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