A Shortcut Through 2001

“Worst Year Ever?”
911/Afganistan/War/Civil Liberties
Anthrax  Economy  Shark attacks   Timothy McVeigh
Bush Inauguration Gary Condit

Nixon by Howard Finster
Tributes to:
George Harrison   Perry Como   Rufus Thomas
John Lee Hooker   Boozoo Chavis  Howard Finster
Joey Ramone  Brother Theodore  James Carr
Larry Adler  Lady Majorie  Dick Schaap
Douglas Adams  Ken Kesey  Harry Secombe
Anthony Quinn  Gregory Corso   Isaac Stern
Troy Donahue  Aaliyah  Les Brown  Moe Koffman
Betty Everett  Ernie K-Doe  Ron Townson
Mimi Farina   Fred Neil  John Hartford
Chet Atkins  Jack Lemmon  Carroll O'Connor
Imogene Coca  Arlene Francis  Whitman Mayo
Ann Sothern  Dale Evans  John Phillips
Ray Walston  Ed ”Big Daddy” Roth  William Hanna
John Fahey Sandy Bull  JJ Johnson
Joe Henderson  John Lewis (MJQ)  Billy Higgins
Foster Brooks  Dorothy McGuire  Jane Greer
Hank Ketcham Jack McDuff  Charles Trenet
 “Thank God It’s Over”
Produced by Peter Bochan

Digitally recorded on a SADiE workstation, Shortcuts has been awarded Gold, Silver & Bronze medals
from the International Radio Festival and the NFCB along with receiving grants from the SPDF.

Available on CompactDisc & Cassette $ 19.99

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