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February 2016 Playlists
All Mixed Up with Peter Bochan on The Pacifica Network
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February 1
jefferson airplane
Artist Title Label
Jason Segel
Muppet Show Theme
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
John Wayne/Kramer & George/Bob & Ray In The United States of America Sideshow Intro
All Mixed Up Productions
James Hunter Six
Hold On (Baby)! Daptone
Bernard Herrmann The Wrong Man Theme
Hitchcock Soundtrack
Abe Vigoda RIP
Tom, Can You Get Me Off The Hook?
The Godfather
Accademia Musicale Italiana
The Godfather Waltz
The Godfather III
Sufjan Stevens
Should Have Known Better
Asthmatic Kitty
Jefferson Airplane
Paul Kantner RIP
Graham Nash This Path Tonight Blue Castle
Conan O'Brien
Go On Abe...Be Free!
Abe Vigoda RIP
Jefferson Airplane D.C.B.A-25
Paul Kantner RIP
Paul Kantner RIP The Adventure of Music & Being In A Band
Signe Anderson RIP
Jefferson Airplane Come Up The Years
RCA Victor
Jefferson Airplane (Signe Anderson RIP) Chauffeur Blues (Story of name)
RCA Victor (vinyl)
Memphis Minnie
Me and My Chauffeur Blues
Ray Goren
Save My Soul 2016
RJ Ray Entertainment
Rhiannon Giddens
Last Kind Words
Howlin' Wolf
Frank Stokes
Ray Montangue
Learning the Blues, Playing The Guitar
Downtown Blues
Hey, No Pressure
Yazoo/All Mixed Up
RCA Victor
Beautiful People with Jimi Hendrix
Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders,Sarah Palin
Coming To Get You
Adventures in Iowa
All Mixed Up Productions
Let's Make America Great Mix
PJ Harvey
The Wheel
Advance Single
Buddy Holly & The Crickets
Not Fade Away Promo
All Mixed Up Productions
Fountains of Waynes/Tony Soprano/Iggy Pop Multi-Station Make Believe Ballroom
All Mixed Up Productions
Tim Roth, Walter Goggins, Kurt Russell
Can't Just Shoot Them
The Hateful Eight
Dr. Dog
Bring My Baby Back
Sandi Shaw
Girl Don't Come
Geoff Muldaur
In The Dark
Bix Cover
Ktty Kallen RIP
Little Things Mean A Lot
Tindersticks feat. Lhasa De Sela
Hey Lucinda
City Slang
Gotan Project
XL Recordings
The Chemical Brothers
Wide Open feat. Beck
Iggy Pop
Concord Music Group/Loma Vista
John Cale
Close Watch
Frank Sinatra
Baubles, Bangles & Beads (Sopranos Mix)
De Cara A La Pared
Sopranos Mix
Sopranos Mix
Baaba Maal
Fulani Rock
Talking Heads
Once In A Lifetime
Christine Ricci/Ben Gazzara/Mike Myers Elvis Has Left The Building All Mixed Up Productions

Palin Trump

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February 3
Buddy Holly
Not Fade Away- Buddy Holly Tribute

February 8
Bob Elliot
Bob Elliott RIP
Artist Title Label
Bob Elliott & Ray Goulding
Bob & Ray Present The CBS Network (staff announcer)
Bob Elliott RIP   RadioArts
Jimmy Witherspoon & Wilbur DeParis
Lotus Blossom
Bob & Ray, The Marx Brothers, Bill Murray
School of Seven Bells
Where Are You Intro
Open Your Eyes

Full Time Hobby
The Big Bright
Johnny & Mary
Robert Palmer cover
Bob & Ray
The Life & Loves of Linda Lovely..
Larf and Sing
United Artists/Snapper
Bob & Ray Barry Campbell Record Album Interview/Intro
Bob & Ray On A Platter
Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks
Canned Music
Dan Hicks RIP
Bob & Ray Barry Campbell Record Album Interview Part Two Bob & Ray On A Platter
Earth, Wind & Fire
Shining Star
Maurice White RIP
Joy Nichols  (Lunar New Year of the Monkey)
Little Red Monkey
Bob Elliott & Ray Goulding Bob & Ray Present The Bob & Ray Dancing Girls CBS
The Emotions (Maurice White RIP)
Boogie Wonderland
Bob & Ray Wally Ballou (Man on the Street-Cranberries)
Bob & Ray On A Platter
Mary Backstayge...
Mr. & Mrs. Show Business
Bob & Ray
Bob & Ray Crank Phone Call #1
Earth, Wind & Fire Got To Get You Into My Life
Akhar Zaman
Partisan Records
Bob & Ray Mister Science
Harry James with Kitty Kallen
I'm Beginning To See The Light
Sufjan Stevens w. Phil Donahue
Death With Dignity (Where To Begin)
Asthmatic Kitty
Bob & Ray, Brian Wilson, The Beatles, Rev. Ike
Start At The Beginning
All Mixed Up Productions
Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks I Scare Myself
Dan Hicks RIP
Barry Adamson
Evil Kind
Central Control
Bob & Ray Mary Backstayge... (Adrift in Rowboat)
Bob Elliott RIP
James Hunter Six
(Baby) Hold On!
Bob & Ray Mary Backstayge... (Rowboat Radio) RadioArts
Bob & Ray Wally Ballou (The Trophy Train) WOR
Emitt Rhodes
Rainbow Ends
Bob & Ray Widen Your Horizons (Television Set Demo)
Bob & Ray Crank Phone Call #2 CBS
Paul Marks & The Van Dorens
Bridge to Nowhere Radiation Records
Bob & Ray Squad Car 119
Grocery Store/Firemen
The Lumineers
Bob & Ray Salute to Shoddy Showmanship
Bob & Ray On A Platter
Field Music
Memphis Industries
Bob & Ray Listener Survey
Earth, Wind & Fire September
Maurice White RIP
Christine Ricci/Ben Gazzara/Mike Myers Elvis Has Left The Building All Mixed Up Productions

Bob & Ray

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February 11

Happy 96th Dad!

February 14
"Shortcuts to Love & Romance"

Artist Title Label
Andy Griffith/Louie CK/Clark Gable/Greer Garson (In One Minute...) Excitement That Don't Die! All Mixed Up Productions
Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees
The One That I Love Loves Me
Parlophone UK
Billie Holiday
Easy To Love
The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
Crazy In Love
Water Tower
Louis Armstrong
You're Driving Me Crazy (alternate take)
Brunswick/New Sound/CBS
Hank Williams
Lovesick Blues
Bob Dylan
The Night We Called It A Day
Columbia Shadows In The Night
Benny Carter/Oscar Peterson
Isn't It Romantic?
Verve Label Group
Diana Krall
I'm Not In Love
Verve Wallflower
Elton John
Your Song
What Say You Meg?
The Last Ship
Frank Sinatra
I Wish I Were In Love Again
Bob Dylan
Billie Hoilday
Sharon Van Etten
Nora Jones
Gotan Project
Spandau Ballet
Where Are You
You Let Me Down
I Don't Want To Let You Down
Jesus, Etc (Live at The Living Room)
True (edit)
Columbia Shadows In The Night
The Fall
XL Recordings
Dick Powell/10cc/Aretha/Mary Martin/
Marx Brothers/Archie & Edith/Sam Cooke
Gene Austin/Todd Rundgren/Elvis Presley/
NRBQ/Ruby Keeler/Mickey & Minnie/
Nelson Eddy/Ronald Reagan/Kookie/
Orson Welles/The Spinners/Roy Wood/
Virginia Mayo/Cinderella/Bette Davis
Charles Boyer/Jeanette McDonald/
Marlene Dietrich/Joni Mitchell/Dooley Wilson
The Bonzo Dog Band and many others
Shortcuts Back Cover

All Mixed Up Productions (1974/2015)
David Bowie Valentine Day ISO/Columbia

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February 15


Artist Title Label
Andy Griffith/Louie CK/Clark Gable/Greer Garson (In One Minute...) Excitement That Don't Die! All Mixed Up Productions
J.D. McPherson
Head Over Heels
Chris Isaak
Tom Jones
Elvis Presley Blues
S-Curve Records
Grace Kelly
Blues For Harry Bosch
Distiller Promo
David Bowie
Black Star
Sunflower Bean
Human Ceremony
Fat Possum
Radiation City
Come and Go
Harry Truman/Adlai Stevenson/JFK/Teddy Roosevelt/FDR
A Presidential Shortcut (Part One)
All Mixed Up Productions
The Psychedelic Furs
President Gas
Richard Nixon/Bill Clinton/Marvin Gaye/Propellerheads
History Repeating
A Presidential Shortcut (Part Two)
Ross Perot, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, Mario Cuomo,
Jerry Brown, Jesse Jackson, Richard Belzer, Dan Quayle
A Presidential Shortcut (Part Three) All Mixed Up Productions
Barack Obama/George W. Bush,/Chris Rock/Bill Cosby
Barack Obama-The Remix
All Mixed Up Productions(2008)
The Beatles
Black Bird/Yesterday
Christine Ricci/Ben Gazzara/Mike Myers Elvis Has Left The Building All Mixed Up Productions

finster nixon
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February 22

Brian Jones 45s

Artist Title Label
R,Crumb/Aunt Bee/Floyd/Beavis
The Old-Time Music Intro
All Mixed Up Productions
Louis Armstrong & His Hot Seven
St. Louis Blues
Tom Waits
The Soul of A Man
Alligator The Songs of Blind Willie Johnson
Fantastic Negrito
Working Poor
Blackball Universe
James Mathus & His Knockdown Society
Mississippi Moan
Lucinda Williams
God Don't Never Change
Alligator The Songs of Blind Willie Johnson
Otis Taylor
Just Live Your Life
Northern Blues Company
Cowboy Junkies
Jesus Is Coming Soon
Alligator The Songs of Blind Willie Johnson
The Exciters
The Exciters Theme
James Hunter Six Hold On (Baby)! Daptone
Tito Puente
Three D Mambo
RCA Victor
The Heavy
Since You've Been Gone
Bad Son Recording Company
Ray LaMontagne
Hey, No Pressure
RCA Victor
Tom Waits
John The Revelator Alligator The Songs of Blind Willie Johnson
Lew Card
Walkin' Shoes Blues
Loretta Lynn
Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
Legacy Recordings
Lucinda Williams Nobody's Fault But Mine
Alligator The Songs of Blind Willie Johnson
Zomba Prison Project
Listen To Me (or I'll Kick Your Ass)
Six Degrees
Zomba Prison Project
Please Don't Kill My Child
Six Degrees
Rokia Trore
Birds of Chicago
Dim Star of The Palisades
Five Head Entertainment
Alabama Shakes
Sound & Color
The Rolling Stones
Moonlight Mile
Jack Garratt
The Love You're Given
Bob & Ray
The Pittmans
Radio Arts
Amy Winehouse
Nelson Riddle
Our Day Will Come
Capitol The Untouchables
Manhattan Camerato Fado Tango Cansaco Sweet Classics
Prez Prado
Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom Red
RCA Victor
Vic Reeves
Summer of ' 75
Sonny James RIP
Young Love
Animal Collective
Golden Gal
Domino Recording Co Ltd
Conan O'Brien
Intro to George Fest
Conan O'Brien Old Brown Shoe
George Fest
Christine Ricci/Ben Gazzara/Mike Myers Elvis Has Left The Building All Mixed Up Productions

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February 29

Star Time
Star Time!
Artist Title Label
Bill St. James/Tony Soprano/Iggy Pop The First Radio Tube/Make Believe Ballroom All Mixed Up Productions
Sacheen Littlefeather/Jerry Goldsmith Oscar Awards 1973/Hollywood Confidential
All Mixed Up Productions
Chris Rock/The Roots/Sly & The Family Stone
Oscar Awards 2016 (Everybody's A) Star AMU/Geffen
Sacheen Littlefeather/Bugs Bunny Hooray For Hollywood
Warner Brother/Looney Tunes Mix
David Bowie
The Stars Are Out Tonight
The Next Day
PreFab Sprout
We Let The Stars Go
Epic Jordan-The Comeback
John Wayne, Dick Powell, Ruby Keeler, Marlon Brando
The Kinks, Mick Jagger, Elvis Presley, Bill White,
Frank Zappa, The Monkees, Daddy Cool, The Byrds
Kim Fowley, Peter O'Toole, Judy Garland, Bing Crosby
James Mason, Maggie Smith, Joel Grey, Alice Cooper, Popeye
Monty Python, Elton John, The Little Rascals and The 1973 Oscars
Shortcuts To Stardom!
All Mixed Up Productions
(April 1973)
Johnny 'Scat' Davis/Gene Krupa & Benny Goodman
Hooray For Hollywood Warner Brothers (75th Anniversary)
Al Bowlly & Ray Noble with Woody Allen
You Oughta Be In Pictures
Avid Entertainment
Steely Dan/Chris Rock/Helen Mirren/Jackie Gleason/Donald Trump
Glamour Profession
Super Tuesday Oscar Mixdown
Donald Trump/Garry Mills/Trump Supporters
Look For A Star (Rich Mortgage Mix)
All Mixed Up Productions
Donald Trump/Adolph Hitler/Benito Mussolini Benito Mussolini Quote Mix All Mixed Up Productions
Kurt Weill Happy End
Tommy Kelly RIP Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Funeral) All Mixed Up Productions
East River Pipe with Tommy Kelly Tommy Made A Movie Merge
Mike Nichols
Movies Are Dreams
All Mixed Up Productions
Ozark Henry
Out Of This World
Elephant Revival
When I Fall
Itz Evolving
Tom Petty
Free Fallin'
Belle & Sebastian
Like Dylan In The Movies
Julee Cruise
Fallin' Twin Peaks
Perry Como
Catch A Falling Star
RCA Victor
William S. Burroughs
Falling In Love Again (German)
Ich Bin Von Kopf Fuss Auf Liebe...
Emile Haynie
Falling Apart
We Fall
Night Like This
Warner Brothers
Christine Ricci/Ben Gazzara/Mike Myers Elvis Has Left The Building All Mixed Up Productions
Richard Belzer/Chief Wiggum/AOL Guy Man It's THE Link!

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WPKN 1969
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