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December 2017 Playlists
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December 4
Hello World!
Artist Title Label
Iggy Pop/Jack Nicholson/Tony Soprano/Fountains of Wayne
All Station  Radio Tuner Intro
All Mixed Up Productions
Eleanor Roosevelt/William R. Mayer RIP
Hello World: Introduction
RCA Victor (LP)
Bill Murray/Jan Vogler
Moon River/Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Decca Gold
Al Bowley
A Man & His Dream feat. Martin Luther King Jr Goodbye Christopher Robin
Ashleigh Smith
Pure Imagination
Eleanor Roosevelt/The Little Orchestra Society
Hello World: First Stop
RCA Victor (LP)
Jim James
Midnight, The Stars And You
Eleanor Roosevelt/The Little Orchestra Society Hello World: Bonjour!
RCA Victor (LP)
Jeanne Moreau RIP
Quelle Merveille Ton Coeur
French Import
Eleanor Roosevelt/The Little Orchestra Society Hello World: Buenos Días! RCA Victor (LP)
XL Recordings
Eleanor Roosevelt/The Little Orchestra Society Hello World: Austria!
RCA Victor (LP)
Sufjan Stevens
Futile Devices (Doverman Remix)
Call Me By Your Name
Eleanor Roosevelt/The Little Orchestra Society Hello World: Japan!
RCA Victor (LP)
The Beatles/Eleanor Roosevelt Hello & Goodbye
Backing Track edit
Like A Rolling Stone
Dylan Cover
The Three Stooges/Sopwith Camel/Big Bopper/Spike Jones/Eminem
Hello? Hello?
1980s Answering Machine
Sherman Williams
Hello (47-48)
Classic Blues & Rhythm
The Bonzo Dog Band
Hello Mabel
Cheap Trick
Hello There
Epic/All Mixed Up
St. Bernadette
Say Hello (w/JP Richardson)
The Roxy Sessions
Barbara Lewis feat. Lauren Bacall/Humphrey Bogart/Joel Grey & Cabaret
Hello Stranger (Remix)
Atlantic/All Mixed Up
Adele feat Elizabeth Moss/Jon Hamm/David Letterman/Jon Stewart/Laurel & Hardy/Beatles
Hello (Don Come Home!)
A Shortcut though 2015
W.C.Fields/Laurel & Hardy/The Marx Brothers/The Beatles Hello Mister Jones!
Shortcut Phone Calls (1972)
Todd Rundgren
Hello It's Me
Allan Sherman
Hello Mudder Hello Fadduh
Warner Brothers
Various Artists-Jane Wyatt, James Brown, Diana Ross & The Supremes,
The Ronettes, The Marvelettes, Richard Benjamin, Carrie Snodgress...
A Woman's Shortcut
All Mixed Up Productions

        Farist Road


December 11

Radio Tube 

Artist Title Label
Bill St. James/Tony Soprano/Iggy Pop
The First Radio Tube/Frequency Modulation
All Mixed Up Productions
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
Willesden to Cricklewood (w/Gary Shandling/Jeffery Tambor/Donald Trump)
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
In the Mystic Land of Eygpt
The Pixies
All I Think About Is Now
PIAS America
Kristen Hersh
Soma Gone Slapstick
Omnibus Press
Julia Jacklin
Pool Party
Britta Phillips
Double Feature
The White Stripes
We're Going To Be Friends (acoustic version)
Third Man/Columbia
Okkerville Records
She Would Look For Me
California Guru/Don Draper
Mother Sun Greeting Scene
Mad Men (finale)
Hey, Lucinda
City Slang
Elvis Costello & Metropole Orkest
Watching The Detectives
Deutsche Grammophon
Rufus Wainwright
The Man That Got Away
Lowell Thomas
Stereophonic Demonstration (intro)
Max Steiner
Brian Wilson
Stay Awake
Petra Haden
Tubular Bells
Agne Obel
PIAS America
The Darcys
Steely Dan cover
The Chemical Brothers with Beck
Wide Open
Caroline Doctorow
Hard, Hard Year (Hollies cover) Dreaming in Vinyl
Norah Jones
Blue Note
Chuck Berry
Guitar Montage
All Mixed Up Productions
The Rolling Stones
Memphis On Air
Elise LeGrow You Never Can Tell S-Curve
Bob Weir Only A River Columbia/Legacy
Shimon Peres RIP "Reality was So Much Greater Than The Dream..." Shimon Peres RIP
Regina Spektor Tornadoland Sire
Peter Gabriel
Sufjan Stevens
The Veil
All Delighted People
Real World
Asthmatic Kitty
Barry Fitzgerald/James Tayler/Chico Marx Elvis Has Left The Building All Mixed Up Productions
Richard Belzer/Keanu Reeves/Chief Wiggums Electronic Information Super Highway

   father &


December 19

  Santa Comic

Artist Title Label
Leonard Cohen/LeBron James/Bob Elliot/John Oliver..
A Shortcut Through 2016-Promo
All Mixed Up Productions
Andy Griffith//Clark Gable/Louie CK/Louis Armstrong (In One Minute...) Excitement That Don't Die! All Mixed Up Productions
The Beatles/The Rolling Stones/Jimi Hendrix/Steppenwolf/etc
The Music of 1968 (vintage montage)
All Mixed Up Productions
Nouvelle Vague
I Wanna Be Sedated
They Might Be Giants
Idlewild Recordings
Frank Black
David Byrne
In The Future
Vince Guaraldi
Linus & Lucy
The Beatles/Gene Autry/Elvis Presley/The Chipmunks
Laurel & Hardy/Lionel Barrymore/The Beach Boys
Bruce Springsteen/Darlene Love/Otis Redding/John & Yoko
Howdy Doody/The Who/The Kinks/Oscar The Grouch
Martin Mull/NRBQ/Scott Muni/The Firesign Theatre

A Shortcut To The North Pole
All Mixed Up Productions

An hour-long retrospective of the year featuring
Art Buchwald, Norman Mailer, Kurt Vonnegut, Marcel Marceau,
Phil Rizzuto, Jerry Falwell, Gerald Ford, Woody Allen,
Ricky Gervais, Alec Baldwin, Don Imus, Oprah Winfrey,
Rev. Al Sharpton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan,
Paris Hilton, Brad Pitt, Tony Soprano and family, George W. Bush,
Michael C. Hall, Baraka Obama, Joe Torre, George Mitchell,
Barry Bonds, Larry King, Roger Clemens, Anna Nicole Smith and many others.
A Shortcut Back Through 2007
All Mixed Up Productions

phil rizzoto


December 25
Shortcut Thru 2017

A Shortcut Through 2017

Dick Gregory

2017 Shortcut Part Two 

December 31

don rickles

with Peter Bochan
WBAI 99.5 FM New York City

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