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February 2017 Playlists
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February 6
record player

Artist Title Label
R. Crumb/Aunt Bee & Floyd the Barber Old-Time Music & Dance Record Intro All Mixed Up Productions
Jimmy Durante/Monty Python/Bob Marley/Elvis
All Mixed Up-Musical Shortcut Intro
All Mixed Up Productions
Young Turks / Beggars Group
Great American Canyon Band
The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
Love Me Love Me Not Amazon
The Smiths with Donald Trump
How Soon Is Now w/Jason Alexander Sire/All Mixed Up
National Lampoon Radio Hour w/Donald trump
There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Radio
Nina Rota/Michio Kaku/Donald Trump
The AHB Genius Visa Mix
Radiolina/All Miced Up
Billy Bragg w/Judge Robart
The Times They Are Changing (again)
The Everly Brothers
Bowling Green with Kellyanne Conjob
Warner Brothers
Heather Maloney
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Love Me Love Me Not Amazon
George Bernard Shaw/Eleanor Roosevelt/
The Pacifist Movement
All Mixed Up Productions
Neil Young with Yoko Ono Imagine
Drive By Truckers with John Lennon Once They Banned Imagine
Bob Holroyd/Barbra Streisand/Michael Moore
Song of Pain & Protest
Games w/o Frontiers 2003 Mix
The Sachal Ensemble
Love's In Need of Love feat. Jim James
Stevie Wonder cover
Glass Animals
Life Itself
Wolf Tone
The Smashing Pumpkins
My Blue Heaven
Virgin (box set)
Early Columbia Announcer The Double-Disc Demonstration Record Columbia 78
Bing Crosby, Billie Holiday, Ted Lewis, Paul Whiteman's Orch...
The Pop Mix (1890-1998) + Living Radio!
All Mixed Up Productions
Jimmy Durante/Monty Python/Bob Marley/Elvis/Various Artists
A Musical Shortcut
All Mixed Up Productions
Lady Lamb
Can't Help Falling In Love With You
Love Me Love Me Not Amazon
Nick Cage/Les Marshak/Vince Vaughn Elvis Has Left The Building All Mixed Up Productions

Columbia Double Disc

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February 11

February 13
"Shortcuts to Love & Romance"
"The Funny Valentine Mix"

Artist Title Label
Humphrey Bogart/Bette Davis/Bill St. James It's Totally Albanian! All Mixed Up Productions
Wilbur De Paris & Jimmy Witherspoon
Lotus Blossom
Billie Holiday
I Can't Give You Anything But Love
Nina Simone
My Baby Just Cares For Me
Broken Bells with Ringo Starr
And I Love Her
The Well Pennies
All My Loving
Community Projects
Johanna Warren
Without Her
Tribute to Nilsson, Vol.1
Paul McCartney
My Valentine
Hear Music
David Bowie
Valentine's Day
Johnny Mathis/Ella Fitzgerald/Carly Simon/
Tony Bennett/Chet Baker/Sarah Vaughan/Frank Sinatra
My Funny Valentine (The Master Mash)
All Mixed Up Productions
Mary Martin/Marilyn Monroe/The Marx Bros & Various Artists
Shortcuts to Love and Romance
All Mixed Up Productions-1974
Steeleye Span
To Know Him Is To Love Him
Now We Are Six
Elvis Costello
My Funny Valentine Columbia
Buddy Holly
Neil Diamond
I'm a Believer Bang/Columbia
I Feel Fine
Community Projects
Blue Moon
Gary Clark Jr.
Please Come Home

Joshua Bell & Chris Botti
I Love You Porgy
James Taylor
Valentine's Day Columbia
W.C.Fields/Victor Mature/Groucho Marx/Led Zeppelin/see below
Shortcuts -Love Poem
All Mixed Up Productions-1973
Sam Cooke
RCA Victor

Shortcuts Tape Box

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February 20
Presidents Day 1962

Artist Title Label
Justice David Souter with Ennio Morricone The Future of The Republic &  Donald Trump All Mixed Up Productions/Decca
Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker with Donald Trump Columbia
Teddy Roosevelt/Adlai Stevenson/FDR/LBJ/Nixon/
Jimmy Carter/JFK/George H.W.Bush/Bill Clinton
Beginning to Act...According to Plan All Mixed Up Productions
Andy Griffith/Louie CK/Clark Gable/Greer Garson (In One Minute...) Excitement That Don't Die! All Mixed Up Productions
Dave & Phil Alvin
World's In Bad Condition (with Stephen Miller)
Yep Roc
Drive By Truckers
Surrender Under Protest
Wyclef Jean If I Was President
Las Cafeteras
If I Was President Cumbancha‚Äč
Thievery Corporation
Time/Space (with Trump)
ESL Music, Inc.
Donald Trump/Bernard Hermann
The Art of the Psycho Deal
All Mixed Up Productions
Gene Barry
Memo to The President
Day The Earth Stood Still
Stephen Colbert/Kevin Spacey/Donald Trump
Russian Stories
The Late Show
Noel Paul Stookey
Alice Russell
(with Stephen Miller)
Cypress Hill
Insane In The Brain (with Trump) Columbia/All Mixed Up
Petra Haden
Gnarls Barkley with George W. Bush
All Mixed Up Productions
Frank Zappa/LBJ/Mother's of Invention Introducing The President All Mixed Up/Shortcut Through 1967
Marvin Gaye/Richard Nixon/George W. Bush Grapevine Remixed All Mixed Up/Motown
Propellerheads w. Shirley Bassey History Repeating (Presidential Remix) Shortcuts
Morrissey with Obama/Bush/Clinton/Bush
World Peace Is None of Your Business
The Four President Mix

Barack Obama & many others
Barack Obama-The Remix  PRX/All Mixed Up Production 2008
Psychedelic Furs President Gas Columbia


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February 27
Best Songs

Artist Title Label
Bob & Ray/Groucho & Chico/Bill MurrayKriztal One Minute...Where Are You?
All Mixed Up Productions
Al Jarreau & Irwin Corey RIP
Ain't No Sunshine  Rishis Short Mix
I Bow Down
4 AD
James Brown & The JBs
Funky Drummer (Extra Beats)
RIP Clyde Stubblefield
Larry Coryell RIP Inner City Blues
Emiliana Torrini & Colorist
When We Dance
Dan Carey Remix
Export Import
!K7 Records
Ohio Players
Funky Worm
RIP Junie Morrison
James Brown & The JBs Funky Drummer Parts 1 & 2
RIP Clyde Stubblefield
Bobby Freeman RIP
Do You Want To Dance?
Bob & Ray
TV Record Hop DJ Intro
Radio Foundation
Bette Midler
Do You Want To Dance? Atlantic
T-Rex with Shirley Temple & Jack Haley
Cosmic Dancer
Brian Wilson
Runaway Dancer
with Muhammad Ali
Wrong Dance
Analogue Players Society
Dance Hall Days (version)
Studio Brooklyn
Sly & The Family Stone
Dance To The Music (extended version)
Paul Revere & The Raiders & Ray Anthony
Action Theme
Music of The Sixties Intro
The Beach Boys
Dance, Dance, Dance
David Bowie
Let's Dance

Lifetime Psychedelic Dance Lessons
Buddy Wayne Agent 007 Dance
Pop Will Eat Itself Rock-A-Hula Baby
Elvis Presley
Bossa Nova Baby
RCA Victor
Viv Stanshall
There's No Room To Rhumba...
Alison Moore
Dancing Barefoot
Patti Smith cover
Ben Watts with Popeye & Wimpy
Dance Hall Days Wang Chung Cover
Benny Goodman
Let's Dance
The Beatles with Popeye, Olive Oil, Bluto & Grandma I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
Larry Coryell RIP She's Leaving Home
Beatles cover
Jack Johnson
Fragments All Mixed Up Productions
Jesca Hoop
Memories Are Now
All Mixed Up Productions
Roxy Music
Dance Away
Bryan Ferry Orchestra with Monty Python
Frank Sinatra
Dancing With My Hands
Don't Stop The Dance
The Last Dance
Nick Cage/Dustin Hoffman/Laura Dern/Steven Van Zandt Elvis Has Left The Building All Mixed Up Productions
Richard Belzer/Hank Hill/Chief Wiggums/Peter Bochan It's The Link! All Mixed Up Productions

JB &
 Clyde Stubblefield  RIP

Irwin Corey

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